Lachiguiri Artist

There are now over 60 artist from the village of Lachiguiri. Each show their own personality in their work. Each piece is signed and numbered.

April 11, 2009

Julieta Martínez Toral

Julieta is a single mom with two elementary school children. Until she started painting rocks she broke stones to sell for gravel to build houses. That is a grueling job. Now she is careful what rocks she breaks as it may just be a pi3ece of art! She also makes tamales and goes from house to house hoping to earn enough to feed her own family. Her art work has tremendously improved over the last several months.


Anonymous RebekahWG said...

I had the honor of buying a small piece of art by Julieta Martinez Toral while on a cruise that stopped in Huatulco. It is my most prized remembrance of that cruise and I hope to get back there at some point to see how her art has progressed.

9:25 PM  

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