Lachiguiri Artist

There are now over 60 artist from the village of Lachiguiri. Each show their own personality in their work. Each piece is signed and numbered.

October 12, 2005

Gustavo Pérez León

"Tabi" came from Salina Cruz and married a gal (Sara) from Lachiguiri and now lives there.
He has learned the trade of an electrician but at the moment there is little call for his trade. Hopefully soon people will start earning enough money either in their art work or some are now working on the new interstate highway which will go past Lachiguiri about five miles out.

Tabi has always enjoyed creative art. His art is very good. He feels that by using his talent he will help his family through these bad times economically. He will be one that we plan to teach how to market the art work of the people in Lachiguiri in other ways, through resort hotels, artisian markets etc.


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