Lachiguiri Artist

There are now over 60 artist from the village of Lachiguiri. Each show their own personality in their work. Each piece is signed and numbered.

November 05, 2005

Israel López Dordelly

Israel and his wife Virginia have a family of four children all now in school. When he was a young man and working on a coffee ranch as the foreman he was shot in the leg because the workers refused to go back to work after their lunch at their appointed time and when he told them he was going to go back to work even if they didn't they fired to kill him but the gun misfired. Those who shot him were from another distant village. He has been crippled in that leg since then and is unable to work in the fields. He has now worked for eleven years with the "gringa" Sheri Burk, teaching her the Zapotec language and now is the moderator of the rock painting class.